Revolutionizing Workforce Travel: LodgeLink Expands to Australia

New powerful tools to help find, book and manage accommodations and travel for workforce crews are now available in Australia 
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LodgeLink is coming to Australia! 

Marking a significant milestone in our platform’s rapid growth, LodgeLink is growing our business into the Australian market. 

“Our ability to bring this expertise and experience to Australia provides the market with technology that addresses the unique challenges of workforce travel. Our platform will provide the employees of our corporate customers across the country with comfortable and safe accommodations,” said LodgeLink CEO Trevor Haynes of the move.

LodgeLink operates a digital marketplace for business-to-business workforce accommodation, travel, and logistics services. The platform will simplify the complexity of workforce travel while saving time and money for companies in the Australian market. 

“LodgeLink offers a unique platform with technology that significantly improves the efficiency of managing complex workforce travel logistics,” said Haynes. “Our local team looks forward to working alongside and becoming a trusted partner of Australian companies with workforce travel needs.”   

The Australian team will focus primarily on serving the energy, civil construction, mining, utilities, emergency services, and transportation industries, with dedicated staff in Sydney. 

“With over one million rooms, 15,000-plus properties, and 900-plus customers on the LodgeLink platform, we have decades of experience in workforce accommodations and a proven track record of making travel more efficient for workforce crews in North America,” said Haynes.   
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The decision to expand into Australia aligns with LodgeLink’s long-term strategy of exponentially scaling the marketplace to become the ecosystem for workforce travel.  

Since 2017, the LodgeLink platform has helped customers efficiently find, book, and manage workforce travel and accommodation needs through a rapidly growing network of hotels, remote lodges, and travel partners.  

LodgeLink exists to solve the unique challenges associated with workforce travel and applies technology to eliminate inefficiencies at every step of the travel process, including booking, management, payments and cost reporting. 

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From booking to invoicing and everything in between, LodgeLink’s dedication to helping you keep your crew happy and safe with technology and customer service starts here.